UMG 127.60 Board and beam feed chain transporter

The chain transporter for board and beam feed is designed for transporting long wood products at an angle. The load is raised to the required height and falls into the trolley. The speed can be set with a frequency converter.

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Energy source Electricity
Product type Stationary
Dimensions in mm:
Length 3392
Width 2436
Height 1307
Lift height 1307
Angle of inclination 19°
Transported production mm:
Beam lenght 2450-3200
Width 180-500
Chain transporter drive:
Electric motor power, kW / number of revolutions, rpm 1,5 / 1400
Reducer transfer number / linear speed, m/min. 38 / 12,28
Device weight kg. 740
Ambient temperature during work From -0 to +40 °C