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We apply this Privacy and Cookies Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) when you visit the website. This Policy does not apply when you browse other companies’ websites by accessing our website.

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We use cookies to collect data about website usage. The types of cookies and their purpose are presented in the table below.


The website uses cookies to remember users and their previous choices, such as whether they have been shown a privacy policy consent table.

Our goal is to tailor our services to your best interests as much as possible. A cookie is a small amount of information that our server sends to your computer’s hard drive.

The information obtained by cookies can be used:

identify returning users to prevent them from seeing duplicate content.

You can delete cookies from your computer’s hard drive at any time.

You can set your browser to prevent cookies from being saved on your computer’s hard drive. More information about:

How long are cookies stored on your computer?

The duration of storage of cookies may vary. Cookies are updated each time you visit our website.

How to delete cookies

You can always delete cookies on your device that uses an Internet connection, as well as disable cookies in your Internet browser.

You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. If you are using a computer, you can open the menu by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE at the same time. After opening the menu, you can delete the cookies saved on your computer and change the settings for the use of cookies. Below are links where you can find information on how to change the settings for the use of cookies in each browser.

To learn more about disabling cookies in your browser, visit the following web pages:

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Cookies used:

(When improving or changing the website, some cookies, their names or quantity may also change, but the principle of all cookies is the same – website functionality, anonymous attendance monitoring or order forms. Also third-party cookies, such as Facebook or Google, which help to share information more easily )

Name Description Expiry date
_icl_current_language The cookie is intended to remember your choice of language on the website. 1 day
CONSENT The website uses a cookie to remember your choice, whether you have agreed to the privacy policy. 20 years
1P_JAR Cookie created by Google for tracking attendance (anonymous). With this cookie, Google collects traffic and conversion statistics. 1 day
wpml_referer_url The cookie is intended to remember your choice of language on the website. 1 day