UMG 103.50 Chain transporter for log feed

Chain transporter for log feed is used to transport logs to the wood cutting line. The transporter is equipped with a log geometry scanner that scans the volume and straightness of the log. When scanning the volume of logs, the volume of logs cut (transported) during a shift or another period is calculated. Thick or curved logs that can damage the wood cutting machine are automatically dropped from the transporter by the log dropping mechanism. This transporter is an integral part of the transporter compound. The drive mechanism is installed in another device. The transporter is anchored to the floor.

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Energy source Drive in another device
Product type Stationary
Dimensions in mm:
Length 15000
Width 1090
Height 2176
Working height mm: 1482
Transported production mm:
Log length 2000-6000
Log diameter 120-380
Device weight kg. 2367
Ambient temperature From -5 to +40 °C