UMG 801.25 Automatic pallet board production line

The line is designed for the preparation of boards for the production of Euro pallets (pallets) from softwood and deciduous wood. The line is capable of performing the full scope of technological operations from sawing a round log to finished boards of the required size for the production of Euro pallets (pallets). The line consists of three main blocks: the main block for cutting logs into boards, a block for cutting slabs into boards, a block for collecting and moving sawdust, lump waste to a waste grinder.

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Energy sources Electricity max. 820 kW
Parameters of the workpiece in mm.
Length From 2450 to 6200
Thicknes From 120 to 380
Dimensions of the board in mm.
Length From 1000 to 6200
Width From 75 to 150
Thickness 12
Average line productivity (for logs with a thickness of 180-240 mm. and a curvature of no more than 1%), m³/m Until 18,75
Capacity of ramps for logs, m³ Until 20
Management Automatically from the operator console
Working employees (one work shift) 2 operators and 4 packers
Minimum area Length 100 m, width 22 m.