Project (Latvia, SIA Krauzers)

The automatic log sorting line installed in 2021 is designed for logs from 110 mm. up to 600 mm. diameter logs into twenty pockets according to the diameter. Logs are loaded onto a feed ramp, then sorted one at a time, aligned to the side for visual quality assessment. When the operator notices a low-quality log, he can instruct the line to dump it into an additional low-quality log pocket. Such a log does not enter the scanning devices. The line is equipped with two scanning devices: the first is a metal detector, the second is a 3D geometry scanner that automatically selects which pocket to turn the log into. Also, this scanner calculates the volume of logs. This allows you to track exactly how much and what kind of wood is sorted. Statistics are available to the operator. It is also possible to install equipment that allows you to monitor sorting statistics online.